Keeping the Pipeline Full

It’s very easy to be lulled into a false sense of optimism when job searching. A couple of good pieces of news, even as slight as a note acknowledging an application has been received, or more likely that you have been shortlisted for interview, can be enough to encourage you to slow down on the job search activity.

It’s natural in a way. One doesn’t want to have to do more work than is necessary and if these opportunities, which you may be very keen on, do come off then you won’t want to be tidying up a bunch of loose ends elsewhere. More than this, it’s very easy to become over-confident at this stage and to feel that you are, as you suspected all along, ideal for the role and that it is more or less “in the bag”.

I once had a landlord who used a phrase that couldn’t be more appropriate for this situation: “there’s many a slip ‘twixt cup and lip” he would say.

Securing an interview is great, but it’s nowhere near securing a job offer and even further from accepting one. Even following the last interview there are hurdles to clear such as authorisation and negotiation.

It’s therefore really important not to stop the job search. Always keep the pipeline full with new applications and networking meetings. Apart from mitigating against the need to start from scratch should your hopeful opportunities turn to dust, keeping busy, staying proactive, stops you dwelling on the stuff you can’t control.

Without a routine of activity it’s very easy to fall into the trap of waiting for the phone to ring, or the postman to arrive, or an email to pop into your inbox with good news. This is a demoralising waste of time. Once an application is out there other people will take care of it. An occasional reminder or nudge is all that you can do. the rest of the time, get on with something else!

This way, hopefully you’ll find yourself in the wonderful position of being able to tell people, “Thank you, I’m now withdrawing my application because I have accepted an offer of employment”.

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