Recruiters in Recession

the REC has surveyed its members and found that the demand for permanent jobs is falling at its fastest rate for over ten years and that the excess of jobseekers over job opportunities has put downward pressure on new salaries. While placements are well down, what they haven’t emphasised, for obvious reasons, is that the number of assignments being given to recruiters is also well down.

Many of my clients tell me that positions they apply for through job sites turn out to be “already filled” or “not suitable for them”. In other words, those jobs are just a lure to attract people in order to enable recruiters to demonstrate that they have a bulging database of great candidates.

This cuts little ice with the recruiters who don’t need to pay up to 30% of the basic salary for a candidate introduction when they are receiving plenty of high quality CV’s dropping on the doormat, sent directly by the job seeker.

Recruiters are only really useful when there is a shortage of candidates and /or the employer needs access to specific, hard to find skills. Otherwise, when things are tough, they’ll get their own HR people to do the recruitment and selection.

If you’re currently looking for work, don’t rely on recruiters. They don’t have access to many of the few and dwindling vacancies that are out there. Use your network and approach employers directly as part of a broader strategy.

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