School and Work

My children have spent the last couple of days at home. Due to the difficult weather conditions their schools have been closed. I can understand why this may be a problem for those living in rural areas where journeys are long and the roads are dangerous, but London? The travel reports tell us only to drive if our journey is essential. I’m not sure what this means? A matter of life or death? Food shopping? Well whatever the definition is, I would have thought that getting the children to school comes pretty near the top of the list.

I don’t remember my school ever closing as a result of weather. There were certainly times when it was difficult to get to school but the doors were always open and you got there when you got there.

What has changed? I’m pretty sure the weather is no worse. In spite of climate change the snow is pretty much the same and while this downfall was certainly heavy, it was nothing I’ve not seen before.

The health and safety industry has grown since those days. Could that be the reason? I hope not. I’m not one to complain about H & S generally although I can’t help feeling that much of it is a back covering waste of resources. On the whole, I work on the basis that H & S protects employees where before they were exposed to potentially unecessary risk. Maybe there’s an argument for sensible judgements rather than inflexible rules?

Perhaps it’s the teachers who, having also grown up as part of the “option out generation” are to blame. When they wake up in the morning, look out of their window and decide that getting to work is too much like hard work, schools can’t function, so they close down.

Whatever the reason, there’s a worrying cost. Schools are communicating a dangerous message to pupils. If children think that you don’t go to school if it’s a bit tricky, then they’ll surely grow up with the same attitude to going to work. Any wonder companies now import workers and their British counterparts are left to protest about their jobs being taken by foreigners.

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